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When we start participating in the business regularly, the fear begins to lose power and we create more room for courage…then we FLOURISH🍀!! And it’s with that spirit of intention that you’ll find engaging productivity tools here - from worksheets, templates, planners and more! Take a look around, I’m sure you’ll find something here that will help you begin or grow more in the ownership of YOUR business!  

Why Choose The Primed Practice's tools?

Even though I knew at age 15 I wanted to be a therapist, life had some interesting detours - can you relate?! After nearly 16 years in corporate human resources leadership, I decided to follow my dream to counsel people in the context of their whole life rather than just their career life. Now, as a Licensed ProfessionalCounselor and owner of a successful private practice, I continue to honor being in this clinical space; yet I still love all things “business!” THIS is the space where The PrimedPractice was born!!I am a "unicorn" in the clinical world - with both an MBA in strategic management AND clinician training - I'm kinda unique!! Plus, as a Certified Daring WayFacilitator, teaching curricula based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, my business coaching and productivity tools incorporate powerful components of this body of work. In business coaching I work with clinicians, just like you to take vales-based approach to business so the marketing and overall strategy for your practice is authentic; therefore, attracting YOUR ideal clients! I am SO passionate about helping YOU FLOURISH because I'm SURE you went into private practice with your own passion: to create a healing space for people!! To me there's nothing more tragic than someone with a passion stifled due to a simple lack of some specific bits of knowledge or the right tools. By increasing awareness, aligning with your values, bridging the "business knowledge" gap (teaching you about critical business fundamentals such as marketing, branding, networking and business planning), as well as creating invaluable tools such as The PrimedPlanner™, I am SUPER EXCITED & committed to helping amazing clinicians become confident business owners!

As a licensed clinician, MBA & business coach, I help people just like YOU grow their practice and plan their business beginning with YOUR core values. When aligned with your values, you will create authentic marketing and business strategies that you’ll feel more confident sharing. THAT, my friend, is what will make YOU stand out in a sea of providers! You deserve to feel as confident in your business acumen as you do your clinical prowess!! You've slayed the degrees, the licensure, the CE's, etc...NOW, let me help you increase awareness, align your business with your values, fill the"'knowledge gap" and build your confidence as a business owner so you can TRULY step into your purpose: helping people grow and heal!

“This planner has been the best way for me to organize my business planning and my personal life. I am able to keep track of my goals versus actuals financially so I can easily answer my accountant’s questions. I track my self care to ensure I am taking time for myself and creating that necessary balance. I am able to plan “big picture vision” and get all the way down to the day to day. My workouts, bills, and children’s schedules are all mapped out! I am a planner junkie and this is my favorite one!”

Licensed Clinician and Private Practice Owner
“Wow... this is stunning! Never thought I would say that about a planner, but Michelle Hardman, you have outdone yourself! This is an extraordinary work of art, encouragement and perfect for any entrepreneur (I know it is intended for therapists) to dream, goal plan and be reminded about self care. Got a therapist in your life that is an entrepreneur - this is PERFECT to help them get organized and really tackle their dreams.”
Kate & Katie
The Private Practice Start Up

“Best planner EVER! ”

Licensed Clinician and Private Practice Owner

“Ohhhh I love The Primed Planner™️!! I feel like I have regained control of my chaos! I’m moving and coordinating between three locations...it is a LIFESAVER!”

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Michelle Hardman


In the meantime, I invite you to explore my website to get to know me a little more.  If you have any questions or would like to chat in more detail about workshops or other services I provide, please feel free to contact me at the number/email below!